You are eating fruit according to the rules! When is it important to eat fruit? Know more

Fruits are beneficial for the body. Regular fruit consumption is recommended by both doctors and nutritionists. But there is practice on when to eat fruits before or after eating. According to some, if you can have fruit in your breakfast, nothing is better than that. But what do nutritionists say?

Know the details:- According to them, fruits can be eaten at any time of the day. Timing of fruit consumption is important, at least three times a day in moderate amounts at regular intervals. However, not everyone's physical condition is the same. In some special cases, the time of consumption of fruits also varies.

Here is the list of who should eat fruit and when.  As a result, it contains a lot of fiber. For those who want to lose weight, fiber-rich foods are already very effective. Apart from that, fiber helps to keep the stomach full for a long time. Frequent hunger or tendency to eat food is reduced. So eating fruit before eating fills the stomach quickly. There is no danger of eating too much food at once. Calories also enter the body less.

If you have diabetes, not all fruits can be eaten. Because fruits are high in sugar, diabetics have to eat fruits in moderation. But eating fruit with other heavy meals or high-protein meals slows down the absorption of sugar in the small intestine. So the blood sugar level does not rise suddenly. In many cases, the mother-to-be is diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy.

According to doctors, this happens due to hormonal imbalance. If you have this kind of problem, it is not good to eat a lot of fruit in the morning. Eating fruit on an empty stomach can cause a sudden rise in blood sugar levels. So one or two fruits can be eaten with a heavy meal at noon.

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