Eat this fruit to stay healthy in intense heat

According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature may increase by two to three degrees. At present the temperature in Kolkata - including South Bengal is 41 degrees but this temperature will increase to more than 43-44 degrees. Heat stroke is also happening in the hot sun. It is raining in the morning. And to save from this severe heat, eat ripe bel syrup, bel jam in this unbearable heat, this fruit is the only weapon to stay healthy. Generally, after Mahashivratri fasting in Phalgun, the use of ripe bell starts in every house of Bengal. Then throughout the summer, bel sharbatto be eaten in common Bengali families.

Bel mainly cools the stomach. In this unbearable heat, bel relieves all body fatigue. Due to the presence of vitamins in sand, this fruit treats various eye problems. Raw bel helps cure diseases like chronic dysentery and diarrhoea. Bel is very beneficial for stomach.

Those who have hemorrhoids should eat bel regularly in this summer. Bel syrup helps prevent heat stroke. Bel without sugar is also effective in honeydew disease. Ripe bel reduces rheumatism and even increases energy.



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