'Infiltrators' Remark Against Muslims, PM Modi Reiterates Claim Against Manmohan Singh

Amid complaints to the Election Commission over his "infiltrators" remark allegedly against Muslims, Prime Minister Narendra on Tuesday reiterated that former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wanted Muslims to have the first claim on the nation's resources. "I was present at the meeting where he said this. This was not the only time he said this," PM Modi said.

Among its first works when it came to power in 2004, the Congress carried out a pilot project of snatching SC-ST and OBC reservations and granting them to Muslims. "The Congress wanted to implement the project in the entire country. But it couldn't due to the Supreme Court's intervention," he said.

PM Modi said that the Congress would snatch the 'streedhan' and 'mangalsutra' of women and distribute them among others if it comes to power. PM Modi said that he only upheld the "truth" when he said that the Congress wanted to snatch the people's property and distribute it among its own people. "Two-three days ago I exposed the Congress's politics of vote-bank and appeasement. The Congress was so peeved at me, that it started abusing me."

He said: "Their leader said that the Congress would X-ray your property. They even mentioned in their manifesto that they will survey your property and the jewellery worn by your women. If you have anything in jars, it will be X-rayed. If you have two homes, they will X-ray your property and snatch one house." He seemed to be referring to Rahul Gandhi's comment in February that "caste survey is social X-ray".

"Why is the Congress so afraid of the truth? Why does the Congress want to hide its policies? When Modi exposed your hidden agenda, you are trembling in fear," PM Modi said. He said Congress is completely steeped in vote bank politics.

PM Modi Talks About Karnataka Hanuman Chalisa Case

PM Modi said that the Congress was against Hindus. In Congress-ruled states, PM Modi said, it has become a crime to listen to Hanuman Chalisa and follow one's faith. PM Modi started his address with slogans of Bajrangbali Ki Jai to offer prayers on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. He raked up the issue of the shopkeeper being thrashed in the Congress-ruled Karnataka allegedly for listening to Hanuman Chalisa. "A poor man was mercilessly thrashed just because he was listening to Hanuman Chalisa... Obviously, those who opposed the building of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir and rejected the 'pran pratishtha [consecration]' invitation, their followers would thrash those who listen to Hanuman Chalisa."

PM Modi further said that this was the first time in Rajasthan that a peaceful Ram Navami procession on Ram Navami. "Congress had put restrictions on Ram Navami. Congress provided security to those who hurled stones at Ram Navami processions and sparked riots. Now, no one can question your faith. This is BJP's guarantee."

PM Modi said that had Congress been in power in Delhi, our soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir would have had to face stone-pelting. "The enemy would have severed the heads of our soldiers and taken them," he told the BJP supporters gathered in Ranthambore. He said Congress would never have implemented the 'One Rank, One Pension' scheme. He further said: "The Congress even sinned by supporting the perpetrators of the [2008] Rajasthan serial blasts. The Congress would have taken inflation to new heights," PM Modi said.

He said: "People of Rajasthan know the importance of a stable government. Hence, they voted for us in massive numbers, giving BJP all the 25 seats in the state." PM Modi said the nation had reached new heights because of the blessings of the 25 crore voters who have come out of poverty in the last 10 years.

PM Modi claimed the Congress would say in the assembly that atrocities against women were the identity of Rajasthan. "Doob maro, doob maro. Ye shobha nahi deta hai [You should drown. This doesn't suit you]," PM Modi directed a jibe against the Congress. " 

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