Tiger tourism will be created in North Bengal! The state forest department in the meeting to plan

The movement of tigers has been detected in different parts of North Bengal. This time, the state is thinking about whether they can build their residence there or not. If things work according to the plan, within the next few years, 'tiger tourism' can be launched in North Bengal as well, the Chief Forester of the state, Soumitra Dasgupta, has hinted.

The chief forest officer of the state had a meeting with the 'National Tiger Conservation Authority' and the 'Global Tiger Forum'. He said this after that. The marathon meeting took place from Tuesday to Wednesday morning at Rajabhatkhawa in Alipurduar. Additional DG SP Yadav, and General Secretary Rajesh Gopal of 'Global Tiger Forum' were present on behalf of 'The National Tiger Conservation Authority' along with the Chief Forester of the state.

Over the past few years, camera traps in various sanctuaries in the hills and plains of North Bengal have been capturing one after the other Royal Bengal Tiger. However, despite the evidence of the existence of tigers, the forest department feels that they are not living. This time this meeting is keeping that issue in mind.

The state's chief forester said there is a tiger conservation center in Buxa. In addition to that, several issues were discussed in the meeting, including the development of more habitats and habitats for tigers. Mahananda Sanctuary and Neoravally Sanctuary may also develop tiger tourism centers. If everything goes well, several Royal Bengal Tigers will be brought from Assam or Jim Corbett National Park to other sanctuaries, including Buxa, without the permission of the Indian government. They will be monitored. If it is successful, the number of tigers will be gradually increased. A breeding center will be built. The Royal Bengal Tiger prefers a quiet environment. Field reports will be called from various departments of the forest department. It will be seen what kind of situation some sanctuaries are in.

Appropriate measures will be taken to create suitable habitats for tigers. Rehabilitation measures will be taken in Buxat with the cooperation of the state and the center.

Chief forester of the state said, "If we follow the discussions or plans in the meeting to create a habitat for the Royal Bengal Tiger, then we will get the results in the next six months." If we can complete the work within a year, then there will be a radical change in tiger tourism and tiger-related activities in North Bengal.

आज का राशिफल 12 May 2023

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