Parambrata and Piya are going to get married today

It's finally coming true. Actor Parambrata Chatterjee and social activist Piya Chakraborty are finally getting married. After Anupam Roy and his wife Piya Chakraborty announced their separation, Parambrata Chatterjee's name came up as the third person. It is heard that Anupam-Piya decided to separate because of Piya and Parambrata's closeness. Rumors of Param-Piya's marriage have also been heard several times. Finally, it was known that Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Piya Chakraborty are getting married on 27th November.               

The actor will get married on Monday. They will make an official announcement after the marriage. But no one from the Tollywood industry will be present at the wedding. Only family and close friends of Parambrata and Piya will attend the wedding. The relationship between Parambrata and his long-time girlfriend Ika was broken during the Coronavirus. They lived together in the country and abroad. But a few years ago that relationship broke down. Since then, the actor's name has been associated with various people. On the other hand, Parambrata Chatterjee is working one after the other.                         

However, the personal life of this busy actor has always remained under wraps. Parambrata also never hid his relationship. However, he has never spoken publicly about his relationship with Piya. Instead, he avoided it. Anupam-Piya's marriage broke up in 2021. At that time, everyone was pointing towards Parambrata. Although the actor has repeatedly said that they are just very good friends. Even within the industry, there were no less whispers.                               

However, it was known that the couple had been dating for quite some time. Piya also went to the shooting of Param in London. Very good relationship with Piya's housemates too. Parambrata has a regular commute to Piya's house. Although the 27th is not auspicious, it is heard that four hands will be united in the presence of close relatives in a domestic event.

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