These topics of Garuda Puran are very important to know, but most people don't know them

The Gurdwara Purana is considered an important scripture of Hinduism, belonging to the Vaishnava sect. Garuda Purana is believed to motivate a person to do good deeds. On the other hand, reciting it at home after someone's death brings salvation to the soul.

Let's know today what is Garuda Purana and what topics are mentioned in it.

It is said that the Garuda Purana has a total of 18 thousand verses. But initially, it had a total of 19 thousand verses. 18 thousand verses are found in the present manuscript.

The Garuda Purana has a total of 289 chapters, which are divided into two parts (Eastern Part and Uttaran Part).

There are a total of 240 chapters in Purvakhanda. There the relationship between Jiva and life is explained. The Uttarakhand has 49 chapters dealing with the movements and rituals of the soul after death. It is also called pretkhanda or pretkalpa.

Pakhiraja Garuda first heard the story of Garuda Purana from Lord Vishnu and then he told this story to his father Maharshi Kashyap.

The first part of Garuda Purana describes the importance of devotion to Lord Vishnu, puja, and listening to Garuda Purana after death.

On the other hand, Uttarkhanda or Preta Kalpa II of Garuda Purana describes what happens to someone after his death and what kind of birth he will take according to rituals.

The Garuda Purana tells about what action causes the soul to suffer the torments of hell, how to perform sraddha and tarpan, how to get out of pretyoni, how to get rid of the misery of hell, etc.

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