Father of AI Quits Google Job Regrets Building Artificial Intelligence

He has received several recognitions and awards for his work on artificial intelligence (AI). But Geoffrey Hinton, the famous computer scientist and 'godfather' of artificial intelligence, is now regretting his work. Afraid of the future situation due to artificial intelligence.

So Hinton resigned from Google for openly talking about the disadvantages and risks of artificial intelligence. Hinton is an AI expert. In 2018, he won the 'Turing Award' for his groundbreaking work on artificial intelligence.

Now, he claims, the consequences of the technology he worked with are dire. In the interview, Hinton said that artificial intelligence continues to be misused by a section of society. Hinton also expressed concern about the way AI is being used to create fake images and news. He noted that everyone is working on new artificial intelligence because of the increased competition in the AI ​​industry. As a result, it is becoming impossible to prevent its misuse.

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