Confectionery traders responded to the Chief Minister's appeal

State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave the recipe for making mango sweet and mango curd in the administrative meeting. Confectionery traders of the district responded to the appeal of the Chief Minister. Experimentally they made mango sweet, mango curd. This product is not available in the market right now.

They claimed that mango sweet, mango curd will be available during the mango season. Son-in-law can get mango sweet and mango curd on Jamai Shashti.

The mother-in-law will entertain the son-in-law with mango sweet and mango curd of the recipe given by the chief minister. Bivas Sarkar, a sweet merchant, said such a thought was not in his mind before. After listening to the recipe of the Chief Minister, it seems that it can be done.

Then the district administrative officers applied. For making mango sweets. So made experimentally. An initiative has been taken to prepare various sweets such as Mango Rasgolla, Mango Sandesh, and Mango Kheer Malaikari. Soon it will be in the market. Ujjal Saha, president of Malda Mango Merchant Association, said that the Chief Minister during his visit to Malda said to make mango sandesh and mango curd. The district administration has taken the initiative. Confectionery traders have come forward as part of it. Now this district is not only Amer district.

Mango is also known as a sweet district. Malda District Governor Nitin Singhania said that in the administrative meeting, the chief minister encouraged him to make sweets with mangoes. A meeting was held with the district business association, mango merchant association, and confectionary association. An initiative was taken to make sweets from mangoes experimentally. Today there was a meeting in the administrative office about the experimentally prepared mango sweet, mango curd. An initiative has been taken to organize a fair of mango sweets and mango products.

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