Comprehensive Measures Taken for Smooth Conduct of Secondary Examinations in West Bengal

In a proactive move aimed at ensuring the seamless execution of the upcoming secondary examinations, authorities in West Bengal have initiated a series of comprehensive measures. The directives, emanating from Nabanna, the state secretariat, highlight the importance of a well-coordinated approach involving district and block-level control rooms, teacher punctuality, and accessible communication channels for students and parents.

District Control Rooms Mandated:

Under the directives issued by Nabanna, District Magistrates, Sub-Divisional Magistrates, Block Development Officers, and school inspectors are tasked with establishing control rooms at both district and block levels. The objective is to create a network that can promptly address any issues that may arise during the secondary examinations.

Compliance Report for Calcutta High Court:

The urgency in implementing these measures is underscored by the need for compliance with the Calcutta High Court's instructions regarding secondary examinations. District authorities are required to furnish a compliance report to the state, ensuring adherence to the prescribed guidelines.

Communication Channels for Students and Parents:

Control room numbers have been introduced to facilitate direct communication with students and parents. This measure aims to provide timely assistance and guidance for any examination-related concerns. The numbers are not only to be operational but also actively circulated to ensure widespread awareness.

Guidelines for Teachers:

A significant aspect of the preparations involves stringent guidelines for teachers. They are required to be present at their respective schools two hours before the commencement of examinations, with a specific deadline set at 8 am. This is a crucial step to guarantee the smooth functioning of the examination process.

Extended Control Room Services:

The Board of Secondary Education has established a 24/7 control room to address the concerns of students. Control room numbers for Kolkata and various districts, including Burdwan, Medinipur, and North Bengal, have been provided for easy accessibility. This move aligns with the commitment to provide continuous support and assistance.

Revised Examination Timings:

To accommodate the evolving circumstances, the Board of Secondary Education has adjusted the examination timings. The secondary examinations are now scheduled to take place from 9.45 am to 1 pm.

These multifaceted measures demonstrate a collaborative effort to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the secondary examination process. The focus on communication, compliance, and punctuality underscores the commitment to ensuring a conducive environment for both students and educators. As the examination period approaches, these initiatives aim to instil confidence and alleviate any concerns within the educational community.

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