Cleopatra built an empire under the sea in the hope of what?

When we talk about the kings or pharaohs of Egypt, the image of a man sitting on a throne wearing a blue and gold crown immediately comes to mind. Although most of Egypt's rulers were men.

However, the term pharaoh was rarely used for female rulers. Female pharaohs are quite common in Egyptian history. Their contribution to the prosperity of Egypt is also great. Looking at history, it can be seen that seven of the 170 pharaohs in Egypt's 3,000-year history were women. But the most discussed and criticized was Cleopatra. This woman was famous for her beauty and intelligence. Aristocrats, kings, and even common men all over the world were crazy about Cleopatra's beauty. Many historians believe that Cleopatra abused her beauty. Again, this Cleopatra was a very helpless woman in the minds of many.

After Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, his general Ptolemy began to rule Egypt. Cleopatra is a descendant of Ptolemy. According to historians, the Roman emperor Ptolemy Aletis died in 51 BC. However, if Ptolemy died before that, discussions started around who would inherit this huge empire. Finally he chose Cleopatra and her son Ptolemy. After the death of Cleopatra's father Ptolemy VII, Cleopatra jointly ruled Egypt with her younger brother Ptolemy XIII. Cleopatra is also believed to have married Ptolemy XIII. Cleopatra lived only 39 years of which she ruled Egypt for 22 years. It was during this reign that he took Egypt to the peak of progress and development.

In spite of this, this mysterious woman did not forget to gather her sugarcane. It is said that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra had a secret palace under the sea.

After about 1,400 years, the existence of this palace was found in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. At just 39 years of age, Cleopatra was a household name in ancient Egypt for her beauty, charm, power and highly ambitious lifestyle. She is also claimed by some as one of the best female rulers of all time. As a result, myths and folklore about female rulers are often heard. We had to wait for about one and a half thousand years to know whether the secret palace under the sea is part of that myth.

From historians to novelists and playwrights, hundreds of stories, novels, plays have been written about this ruler who shook Egypt. His tragedy is on stage. 'Antony and Cleopatra' by William Shakespeare, 'Caesar Cleopatra' by George Bernard Shaw, 'All for Love' by John Dryden, 'Cleopatra' by Henry Haggard. Not only in her time, this legendary woman who still shakes history is also close to Ball Pancham.

'All for Love', 'Cleopatra' by Henry Haggard. Not only in her time, this legendary woman who shook history is also desired by many men. A group of divers in Alexandria, Egypt suddenly found the ruins of Cleopatra's palace and citadel.

A group of divers in Alexandria, Egypt suddenly found the ruins of Cleopatra's palace and citadel.

Word of Cleopatra's intelligence and beauty then spread from kingdom to kingdom. Antony's words reached Antony's ears. Antony wanted to meet Cleopatra anyway. Antony came from Rome to Cleopatra's royal palace. Who doesn't know this myth, Antony won Cleopatra's heart at first sight. However, according to some, the Roman hero Antony fell in love with Cleopatra when he came to invade Egypt. Both are burning in the fire of love. Meanwhile, the account has changed quite a bit. Not only did Cleopatra find love, but she also got the support of a mighty hero to defend the throne.

There is no end to that curiosity about Cleopatra even today. Still interested people look for his sign. Cleopatra and her rule are all mysterious. Much of Cleopatra's palace and empire now sleeps under the Mediterranean Sea. According to the Greek historian Strabo, Cleopatra's palace was on the island of Antirhodos in Egypt. The modern world did not know the existence of this island for a long time. In the sixth century AD, a terrible earthquake and tsunami engulfed the island, along with Cleopatra's palace, in the Mediterranean Sea. About 1,600 years ago, the famous lighthouse of Alexandria was destroyed by an earthquake and tsunami. It was then confirmed that the queen did not have a secret palace under the sea. It has been destroyed by the passage of time. sunk to the bottom of the sea.

A group of divers in Alexandria, Egypt suddenly found the ruins of Cleopatra's palace and citadel. The diving team was led by French archaeologist Frank Gordio. Since 1990 they have plowed the seas only in search of Cleopatra's lost empire. On January 23, 1991, Cleopatra's palace was discovered deep in the Mediterranean Sea. Carbon dating revealed that this palace was built 300 years before the birth of the queen.

The ancient city sleeps beneath the water, a red Egyptian granite statue of the goddess Isis, Cleopatra's family members, richly decorated tableware and two statues of the Sphinx. There are portraits of rulers from the coins of that period. The divers also brought up many statues, coins, etc. of the reign of Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt. Archaeologist Gordio and his team pass under the sea to the mother of Cleopatra and Caesarian, son of her lover Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar's son, Caesarian, retrieves the stone crown. Several traces of this priceless document of about 1,400 years of muddy history under the sea have been brought out to the public. However, most of them remain under water due to various adversities.

At first, the archeological researchers were very curious about this mysterious palace. However, after many tests, it is known that this palace was not built by the queen. He had no secret palace or empire. Rather, he ruled his empire for 22 years from his father's palace. Cleopatra improved Egypt the most. That is why he was loved by the people. However, the end of this queen, which is also discussed in the current world, was very tragic. There are many debates about death. Also, the tomb has not been found today. Some say that Cleopatra committed suicide by snakebite, others by drinking poison. His tomb was lost under the sea in the same earthquake and tsunami.

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