Before the release of the trailer of 'Jawan' Shah Rukh covered his face and took blessings in which temple?

Shah Rukh is going to Chennai. Shah Rukh's fans have been waiting for the release of the trailer of Shah Rukh's film 'Jawaan' for many days. It is heard that the trailer of 'Jawaan' will be released officially in Chennai in the presence of the entire team.

Preparations for that are going on. But before that, the actor went straight to Jammu. Shah Rukh suddenly went to the temple of Vaishno Devi at midnight on Tuesday. Even before the release of Pathan, he went there to seek the blessings of the goddess.

He went there this time too. He was wearing loose pants, a t-shirt, a blue jacket, and a hat on his head and covered his face with a mask. There was tight security around. But Shah Rukh will go, and that news will not spread! The video of the actor entering the temple has gone viral on social media.

He was in the temple for some time. After that, Shah Rukh left there early on Wednesday morning. 'Jawaan' will be released on 7th September. Before that, Shah Rukh also went to Sri Ram Engineering College in Chennai. He was there last Wednesday around 3 p.m.

The actor tweeted, "Hello Chennai, here I come. Are the boys and girls of Sri Ram Engineering College ready?"  Before the release of Pathan, Shah Rukh visited the temple of Vaishnodevi. This film brought a different dimension to the history of Hindi cinema. This time Shahrukh again went to 'Devidarshan' before the release of 'Jawan'.

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